Our services

Greensill Bank is a highly capitalised traditional German bank that treats the safety and security of our clients’ deposits as the greatest priority. We have been a leading choice for Germany’s depositors and small businesses for generations and will continue to serve them from our headquarters in Bremen for generations to come.

Working Capital Solutions

Supplies and Raw Materials Without Straining Cash Flow

Short- to medium-term working capital solutions to assist small and medium sized businesses.
These loans are ideal for companies that need to bridge the period between procurement of goods and sales revenue. Business loans can be used to pre-finance such things as operating costs, auxiliary or raw materials, wares or other costs.

Deposit Banking

Secure Savings – Passbook and Fixed Term Accounts

Passbook savings and fixed term accounts are the classic savings instruments – secure, transparent and versatile. You can begin young and build up your assets gradually, with no risk and little effort.

Within the framework of our deposit banking services, we offer a wide range of interesting investment possibilities. Whether you’re looking for a classic passbook account or fixed deposits of various lengths, we will address your needs and desires with regards to term of deposit and availability. Look to us to help you explore bank deposit accounts.